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How do I understand subscriber data?
How do I understand subscriber data?

Learn how to access and understand the subscriber data in your Tatango text message marketing software account.

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Each subscriber who opts-in to your list has additional information stored in the Tatango interface about their subscription.

To access the Subscriber Data click the Subscribers icon in the top right corner of the screen.

This brings you to your Subscribers Home Page, next select the mobile number whose Subscriber Data you would like to view.

This will bring up the Subscribers Data Home Page. This page contains the following items. Some of the data must be imported by your organization to appear. For example, Tatango does not have a subscriber's birthdate unless it has been provided by the user or your organization.

Subscriber State

Whether they are Subscribed or Unsubscribed

Mobile Phone Carrier

Which carrier they use

Total Messages Received

Total message count

Global Consecutive Bounced Days

How many days in a row that the number bounced when messaged


Any tags are associated with the number


The subscriber's birthday

Email address

The subscriber's email address

Last Name

The subscriber's last name

First Subscription Date

Date they subscribed to your list

Subscription Method

How they opted-in to your list

Most Recent Opt-in Keyword

The last keyword the subscriber used to opt-in to your list

Initial Opt-in Keyword

The first keyword the subscriber used to opt-in to your list

All Opt-in Keyword

All of the keywords the subscriber has used to opt-in to your list

Unsubscribed Date

Date they unsubscribed


The subscriber's gender


The subscriber's birthday

First Name

The subscriber's first name

Zip Code (US-Only)

The subscriber's zip code

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