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What does "Bounced" mean?
What does "Bounced" mean?

If a text message shows up as bounced, it means that the phone's carrier rejected the message. Learn more about this SMS marketing term.

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There are lots of reasons why a text message may bounce when sent to a user. Reasons can include:

  • Message is blocked by carrier

  • Message content is blocked by carrier

  • Destination number is not equipped to receive a message

  • Carrier suspended the destination number

  • End user is out of prepay credits

  • And more...

When a phone number doesn't receive a message because of a "hard" bounce, Tatango will immediately and automatically unsubscribe that phone number from your list. If it's only a "soft" bounce, that phone number will remain subscribed to your list until there have been 7 consecutive soft bounces.

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