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What does "Invalid Content" Mean?
What does "Invalid Content" Mean?

Text messages can contain characters that wireless carriers do not accept. Check out the characters that you can use for SMS marketing.

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If you are seeing Invalid Content or Content contains characters that cannot be sent in a text message, when composing a message, it means that your message contains characters that are no accepted by the wireless carriers, so we can't allow you to send the message. Below are the characters supported by the wireless carriers for short code messaging.

The following characters are the most popularly used though: a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and these special characters: .,:;!?()~=+-_\/@$#&%


Additional Notes

  • Many customers experience this issue when they copy and paste content from Microsoft Word documents, as this software adds formatting to specific characters which makes them non-alphanumeric characters, which the wireless carriers won't accept for short code messaging. We suggest typing the content directly into the message box within Tatango to avoid this issue. We do understand that isn't the fastest way to do things though. Often times if you do copy/paste, the fix is as simple as deleting an apostrophe, hyphen or quotations and retyping it. We also recommend using the following program to copy/paste from

  • While Tatango does accept the characters in the table above, we can't guarantee they will show up on an individual's phone. This is a carrier issue. For example, an ñ may show that it went out on system with no problem, but on an iPhone it will show up as a question mark whereas every other phone is fine. Sticking to the standard English characters is the best way to go.

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