Most likely if you've reached this page, you're either a business owner with multiple businesses under your belt, or an agency that manages the marketing efforts for multiple businesses. Whatever it is though, we've got you covered here at Tatango. You can use your Tatango account to host and manage as many SMS campaigns for as many different businesses as you want. To separate each business's SMS marketing efforts, you're going to want to create new campaigns for each business. To learn how to create a new campaign within your Tatango account, click here.

When a new campaign is created for a new business, everything with that campaign will be separate from your other campaigns. Your new campaign will have its own list of subscribers, own analytics, own system messages (help, stop, etc.), and will even process unsubscribe requests separate from other campaigns. You can read more about how Tatango processes unsubscribe requests when phone numbers are part of multiple campaigns here.

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