Have you received a notice from Tatango that your SMS list has failed a CTIA audit? Don't worry, CTIA audits are the wireless carrier's method of keeping the industry from turning into the wild west. A CTIA audit means that one of the advertisements for your lists doesn't have the required CTIA disclosures.

So what happens after your receive a notice from Tatango telling you that one of your lists has failed a CTIA audit? First you need to know that Tatango automatically deactivates any keywords that fail CTIA audits, and it's your responsibility to fix the issues relating to your advertisement, in order for Tatango to reactivate the keyword. Don't worry though, in the notice, we'll tell you exactly what's wrong, and what needs to be fixed.

As always, the best way to avoid a CTIA audit is to make sure that your list always follows CTIA guidelines when advertising it.

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