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Message Billing and Usage Report
Message Billing and Usage Report

See how many SMS messages you've sent and received in your Tatango account through the Usage feature.

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Interested in knowing how many messages you've sent and received in your account? If you're a paid subscriber, follow the steps below to find out. If you're a trial user, you wouldn't have access to this information just yet, as all your messages during the trial are free. When you upgrade to a paid subscription though, you too can follow the instructions below to see how many messages you've sent and received.

Message counts are based on the calendar month, so the message count will reflect whatever month you're currently in, from the 1st of that month to the date you look at the message count.


  1. Login to your Tatango account.

  2. In the upper right hand corner, click My Account.

  3. In that drop-down, click Account Settings.

  4. Look for the section titled Usage, as it's here that you will see message counts for messages sent and received. These messages reflect the current calendar month of messages. To see another month, select the month from the drop-down and click "Filter Messages".

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