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Subscriber States (Subscribed, Unsubscribed & Cleaned)
Subscriber States (Subscribed, Unsubscribed & Cleaned)

Learn more about the Subscriber State SMS marketing feature from Tatango, which informs you about the status of your list subscribers.

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The Subscriber State tells you the status of your Subscriber, whether they are Subscribed, Unsubscribed or Cleaned.

Subscriber States Defined

Subscribed: These are phone numbers that are subscribed to your list, which means they're receiving your messages.

Unsubscribed: These are phone numbers that have unsubscribed from your list, which means they're no longer receiving your messages.

Cleaned: These are phone numbers that we're unable to send messages to, so we've stopped messaging them. The reasons why we can't send a phone number a message varies greatly, but a few examples would be: Their cell phone carrier turned their service off, they switched carriers, there was a short code block recently placed on that particular number.

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