Successful - This means your message was successfully sent to this subscriber.

Analyzing - This just means our system is determining whether the message was sent successfully or if it bounced, this process takes only five minutes and the message Delivery Status will automatically update after then. You'll only see outbound messages with the status set to Analyzing, as inbound messages we know are received immediately, because we're the ones receiving them.

Bounced - If your Subscribers message shows up as bounced it means that the carrier rejected the message. This could because the mobile number is not a valid, the subscriber ran out of messaging credits, the subscriber is outside of their coverage area, or short code messaging is turned off on their mobile phone.

Some bounces are more serious than others though, and Tatango will determine based on the type of bounce, and the amount of past bounces if it's worth it to continue to send messages to that specific subscriber in the future. If we determine that it's not worth it to continue to send messages to a subscriber, we'll automatically Clean them, which means that Tatango will no longer attempt to send that subscriber messages from your campaign. To learn more about how we clean subscribers, click here.

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