If you're moving your SMS subscribers to Tatango from another SMS provider, there are a few steps we need you to do, in order for us to import these mobile phone numbers into a campaign.

  1. Download the following .csv template. Download here
  2. Use the downloaded .csv file to organize the data you'd like to import into your campaign. Make sure to leave all the column titles in row 1 intact, even if you don't have data that is being imported into a specific column.
  3. Re-name the file to be the broadcast ID of the broadcast campaign you want us to import these phone numbers into, and save it as .csv file. Your broadcast ID can be found when you're logged into your Tatango account, and you're within one of your broadcast campaigns. When there, you'll see that web address should be something like https://www.tatango.com/broadcasts/68523-SUBSHOP, and for this specific broadcast campaign, their campaign ID would be 68523. So this campaign would rename the file to be "68523", so when saved it will be 68523.csv.
  4. Open a new support ticket here, and attached the .csv file you'd like us to import. In addition, please copy and paste the following statement acknowledging that these mobile phone numbers have opted-in to receive text messages, into the ticket or email. It also helps to give us a brief description of how these mobile phone numbers were collected, so that we don't have to ask if there's any questions.


I represent and warrant that the owners of the phone numbers I'm providing to Tatango, to which outbound messages and broadcasts are transmitted through Tatango, have consented or otherwise opted-in to the receipt of such messages and broadcasts, in accordance with The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”).

I represent and warrant that any information or advice disseminated by Tatango regarding the TCPA, is not intended to replace my responsibility to familiarize myself with and abide by the legal requirements set forth in the TCPA. I'm ultimately responsible to make my own informed decisions, and am solely responsible for all acts or omissions that occur.


When we receive your support ticket, we'll review the phone numbers, and import them into the designated campaign, and email you back when we're finished.

Additional Notes

  • When we upload or import mobile phone numbers, the phone numbers we upload or import will not receive any message or notification that they've been uploaded to the campaign.
  • If you're importing subscribers and opt-in keywords that are associated with those subscribers, the keywords must match what is currently in the campaign.

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